Never Forgotten provide a dignified, private, memorial website for your loved one. We will guide you through the design choices and various options available.

  • slideshows
  • obituaries
  • order of service
  • music
  • condolences page

Many families get great comfort from a condolence page for family and friends to offer their words and memories. All contributions will be fully monitored and checked with you before uploading.

Slideshows with or without music can easlily be accessed via the web for funeral services and ceremonies.

I also off an Order of Service design and print service. Alternatively I offer a design and digital pdf service so that you can print the order of service yourselves.

All content is monitored and maintained by us to ensure a private, dignified and lasting tribute to your loved one.

Once your site is ready you will recieve a private url address to access the site and get the chance to make changes to the content design and layout as you see fit. Once you are entirely happy with the site, you may pass on the unique link to family and friends.

Prices will depend on the extent of the service you require. I try to provide as economical an professional a service as I possibly can and will provide you with a firm quote base on your requirements.